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The Mission of the Higher Heights Dance Company (HHDC) is to create a high quality

dance program for youth and adults in South Carolina. HHDC will utilize dance to promote

creativity, discipline, self-confidence and self-esteem. The program will instill lessons of

respect, support and collaboration through the art of dance.

HHDC will provide an atmosphere of fun while nurturing each student’s talent and to mentor

emerging choreographers. Our goal is to expose young people and adults to the art of dance

. HHDC will provide an opportunity for individuals to explore, participate and understand the

benefits of physical activity and creativity. HHDC’s objective is to provide an affordable dance experience for the Orangeburg County community.

The Higher Heights Dance Company provides dance lessons in the following Genres for children ages 5 through 18:

  •  Praise Dance

  •  Jazz

  • Hip Hop

  • African

HHDC will collaborate with guest instructors to assist with special techniques, dances and performances.
In addition to the above genres of dance, participants will be exposed to a variety of other dance styles.


The Dance Director

HHDC was founded by Ms. Leila who has over 15 years of experience in various dance techniques. Her dance philosophy is that creativity and movement is instrumental in the development of the mind and body of an individual. She has choreographed and performed in numerous dance productions. Ms. Leila danced with the South Carolina State University Consortium for The arts for eight years and assisted with the choreography in the dance troupe.

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